The Procurator Goes Beta

The Procurator is now officially in beta. Register for a free account and start creating your game sheets and making characters!

We haven’t put a lot of bells and whistles in, and those of you who know CSS will have an advantage to creating a masterpiece game sheet. We’re definitely accepting tips & tricks or tutorials from those of you who make a killer gamesheet and want to share with the community some of the things you did to make your sheet come alive.

We know the documentation is sparse, but we’ll be growing it as people ask questions and things start picking up. And we’ll post a general tutorial on how to use the system soon. In the meantime, if you see a cool sheet you can clone it to your own collection and then go look at how the sheet was created, this means that you advanced users will be teaching other community members as you create.

Use the Feedback & Support tab liberally, we want lots of feedback. Tell us your ideas, vote on existing ideas, and report bugs (the more information the better.)

Have fun and good gaming!