Liberty Boys


A historical fiction setting, Liberty Boys is set during the Revolutionary War, but the myths of old are not merely stories of bygone eras. God’s lead kingdoms, demons seek the solace of fleshy hosts, creatures of folklore roam rural and suburban areas alike, and magic is real and dangerous.

The British Isles, led by King George III are allied with nearby Egypt, whose armies are led by the God-king Horus. The powerful British navy, backed by ancient Egyptian magic, is a force to be reckoned with. But, they have severely underestimated the tenacity of the Colonials, choosing to send but a small contingent to quell the uprising, meanwhile supporting a full incursion deep into the heart of India.

The American colonies, caught between a unified Iroquois Confederacy under the strong leadership of Hé-no, the spirit of thunder, and the King George’s occupying army of Red Coats, turn to France for help.  The beautiful and powerful, Andraste, wielding the power of divination to deadly effect, agrees to a help the budding nation and leads the French navy to the new world in hopes of expanding her influence.

Factions & Notable People

George Washington — Commander-in-Chief of the American forces.

William Alexander and Benedict Arnold — American Generals.

Green Mountain Boys — An unauthorized militia organized from Vermont originally formed to defend the property rights of local residents led by Ethan Allen. A coven of druids.

23rd and the 33rd regiments — Two of the most heavily engaged infantry regiments for the British Army comprised of demons and undead.

Queen’s Rangers — Elite Loyalist military unit led by Colonel Robert Rogers and are actually a pack of werewolves.

East India Company — The oldest and largest merchant company. Acting under Royal Charter from the 1600s, they also have their own private army number twice the size of the British Army.

William Howe — Commander-in-Chief of the British forces.

James Clinton and Charles Cornwallis — British Generals.

Iroquois Confederacy — Comprised 6 Iroquois tribes:  Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscarora. The tribes are comprised of witches and spirits as well as human warriors.

Weapons & Gear

Musket — Black Powder, Fouling, Reload

  • Ball — Inaccurate
  • Shot — Area Effect, Short-Range

Pistol — Black Powder, Reload

  • Ball — Short-Range, Inaccurate
  • Shot — Close-Range

Bayonet — Musket-Mounted, Cavalry Defense

Rifle — Reload, Accurate, Slow

Sword — Heavy

Knife — Hidden, Quick

Grasshopper (3-pound Canon) — Mobile

  • Ball — Accurate
  • GrapeShot — 200 yard, Area Effect
  • Shell — Explosive, Fuse

Black Powder — Explosive


Woodcraft — Includes tracking, hunting, and outdoor survival.

Horsemanship — Riding horses.

Warfare — Historical and strategic knowledge of warfare tactics.

Spellcraft — Ability to create and manipulate the forces of magic.

Faith — Power and protection derived from a divine source.

Social Status — Social graces and connections to people and organizations of power.

Spycraft — Stealth, subterfuge, cryptology and other spy-related savvy.


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