Fate Character Sheet v1.5.2

Fatecharactersheet.com now supports copying adversaries. You can copy adversaries into your collection by clicking the copy icon located to the right of the adversary name.

In addition, you can mark adversaries as private so they do not show up on the main adversary listing page. Copying an adversary will automatically mark it as private so we don’t have multiple copies of the same adversary floating around out there. If you make a copy that ends up being quite unique when you’re done, please share it with the community!

We also made a few minor adjustments to the routing (i.e. the URL) structure for adversaries to account for the new copy functionality.

FateCharacterSheet gets Roll20 integration

Ok , so we’ve deployed a new version of FateCharacterSheet that I’m really excited about. Our character sheets and adversaries can be used to roll and send messages right to your Roll20 sessions. I just ran a big playtest last night and it was a ton of fun, and so easy to use the awesomeness of Roll20 alongside our easy-to-use character sheets.

We have some additional changes to the UI as well to improve on our sheets along with some backend changes to help future enhancements. For more information read our release notes at https://github.com/sheibeck/fcs/releases/tag/v1.5

As always, your bug reports and feedback are essential to us. Thanks, and happy gaming!

Note: We are not affiliated with Roll20 in any manner.

Fate Character Sheet Upgrades

We’re trying to advance the tech stack that we’re using for Fate Character Sheet, so you’ve seen several big updates that have come down the line lately. Once again, we’re doing some upgrades to bring our sheets up to date with the Vuejs framework.

This update is targetted at character sheets and characters, and it removes an older technology that we were using to populate the sheets. This allows us to remove the Character Sheet templates from the datatabase all together and create Vue components for each sheet instead. We’ve also moved all third party frameworks so they are loaded from our website instead of calling out to a third-party site. This should improve the sites speed and performance.

You’ll note a few cosmetic changes as well, but, generally speaking, this should be a seemless upgrade. However, if you see issues with your characters, please report them so we can fix you up straight away!

Fate Character Sheet Upgrade

We updgraded back-end resources for Fate Character Sheet. This was a major upgrade, and as such, we know it won’t be perfect. We migrated all of the data into a single table to conform to a better standard for a nosql databse. This will allow us to add future features in a much easier fashion.

Please, if you have issues with your characters, campaigns or adversaries submit an issue and we will fix it. If you notice any bugs, submit an issue. This is a single developer effort here, so I do the best I can, but I’m relying on all ya’ll to help me find issues.

P.S. You will also note that we switched to a new ID schema, this makes the urls a bit shorter, but if you have anything bookmarked/linked, you’ll need to update those resources. We felt this was something worth doing, so sorry for the trouble with the url changes.

Happy gaming!

Campaigns Update

We’ve made a lot of updates to the campaign manager and turned it on in production. The beta site wasn’t getting any footage, so we decided to just throw it out there in production and see what happens. Oh, and I actually made it so it would work for users who weren’t just me šŸ˜€

A few tidbits. The session log editor now supports Markdown via Showdownjs (view markdown). We extended the framework with our own custom tags that will automatically fill the Important Things list when you use them. This will give you some much nicer formatting options when you write your campaign notes.

Also, each campaign now has a public campaign summary page (the link can be found on the upper right of the campaign page). This page will display any campaign logs that you mark as public, and will allow you to share information with your players such as session re-caps.

As always, please report any issues. This is a side-gig, so crowd-testing is just the way this happens.

Visit Fate Character Sheet and start tracking your campaigns!

EXFIL is now available

We’ve finished and approved all the changes to EXFIL and it now published and available for purchase at The Game Crafter. There is also a print and play version available as well as PDF versions of the the rulebook and the campaign guide (careful, there’s spoilers in there!)

The Procurator is closing

I’m sad to say that I will be closing The Procurator. The site will be closing by the end of the week. I started this project back in 2013 and I’ve essentially been doing it all myself. I’ve got other responsibilities that have moved up on my priority list and something had to give. Thanks to those who’ve encouraged me and to those who’ve been using the site.