EXFIL is now available

We’ve finished and approved all the changes to EXFIL and it now published and available for purchase at The Game Crafter. There is also a print and play version available as well as PDF versions of the the rulebook and the campaign guide (careful, there’s spoilers in there!)

EXFIL going to MenCON

We haven’t forgotten to re-publish. We are still doing testing and have MenCON coming up in just few weeks. It should get a little more polish before we finish up the rule book changes and flip the switch back on.

Sitrep Rough Draft

We have a rough draft of the rulebook with the new sitrep rules (starting on page 8, feel free to leave comments on the document). This is the first pass but should give you a really good idea of what to expect. After several playtests we can tell that gameplay is way more streamlined.

While you anxiously await the approved copy, you can also check out this nifty 3D Board Game Organizer for EXFIL over at Thingiverse.

EXFIL, what is your Sitrep?

After the great feedback we received in the legacy game contest we started thinking about how to make some improvements that would streamline gameplay.

One of the main issues was the amount of dice rolling that occurred. The complication dice started out as a single die with several icons, but during testing it quickly became apparent that having multiple dice would speed up gameplay. The cost of custom dice was quite prohibitive, so we split the complication dice up into one civilian die and six regular six-sided dice.

Even with this change all our players were not in love with the amount of dice rolling still. We didn’t have any brilliant ideas to replace it, so it stayed. In hindsight, I think that the complication dice was one of my darlings and I didnt even consider removing dice from the game … until now.

I was hit with inspiration, along with soap and water, which is often the case when I ponder game design in the shower. What if we take all of the actions/complication results and put them in a deck of cards? Each card would contain several pieces of information to help you determine what happens during your turn.

And just like that the SITREP deck was born.

SITREP, or Situation Report, is military slang and is

a form of status reporting that provides decision-makers and readers a quick understanding of the current situation. It provides a clear, concise understanding of the situation.

The Persimmon Group

That’s exactly what we needed. Playtesting is ongoing and we are excited!

EXFIL & The Legacy Challenge

EXFIL placed 3rd in the Sporktopia Legacy Challenge at The Game Crafter! The Judge (Chris from Sporktopia Games) gave some great feedback which you can read for yourself by downloading the pdf. He also left an incredible 5-star review on the game page for EXFIL.

This was an amazing experience for me as a game designer and I can see that my abilities are slowly improving. I’ll be working to make some of the suggested improvements, but overall, this was a huge success. Thanks to all my playtesters and supporters!

Character Portraits

If you didn’t know it was available, once you’ve saved a character scroll to the bottom of the character edit screen and you’ll see a portrait URL input box. Type in a proper URL that points to an image and it will show up on the Character List screen (see attached screenshot).


If the sheet you are using has an actual portrait field on the sheet (right now the only one that has this is the Mouse Guard sheet) then when you fill in your portrait URL and save your character it will display the portrait on your character sheet.




Fate of Cthulhu

Cthulhu Mythos has always fascinated me. Crazy cultists and great Old Ones vying for power while insignificant humans struggle to prevent the world from devolving into a chaotic, evil mess all while battling their own slowly deteriorating mind.

Yeah, yeah. I’m a little sadistic, sue me!

When I found out that Evil Hat launched a Kickstarter for Fate of Cthulhu, let’s say I was a little intrigued. And then when I discovered that this was more of a Terminator/Cthulhu mashup. I mean, what’s left to say. Take my money!

I was excited enough to create a new character sheet for the game even before it’s officially out. Check out the new Fate of Cthulhu character sheet at Fate Character Sheet.

KidCON 2018

I organize and run a casual gameplay day for my friends and their kids. We call it KidCON. This was the 2nd year in a row and we just had a ton of fun. We kicked it off by playing a few board games (sparkle kitty, kung fu zoo, and star trek five-year mission) while we waited for the remainder of the crew to arrive.


The gist of the CON is that the adults are there to teach the younglings how to game. So, in that vein, we pulled out the big guns and run an epic session of D&D using the introductory adventures The Lost Mine of Phandelvor from the D&D Starter Set. It was awesome!


From there we broke up into several play areas and the games were on for the rest of the evening. Everyone had a good time. I think I can speak for most of the gamers to say that Roar-a-saurus was at the top of the list for some crazy fun.


The whole con was a smashing success. I’m looking forward to next year already. Here’s an album showing off some of the fun moments!

Fate Character Sheet

I need an online place to fiddle with characters. Particularly, fate characters. Since I derailed the procurator I had been unable to find a satisfactory place to create and manage my characters. So, I made a place: FateCharacterSheet.com

I can’t help myself. I’m a developer and when I see a need I create something. This is a very specific tool made explicitly for Fate Core/Accelerated and games based on them.

I added a few little odds and ends and tossed in some 3rd party authorization ala facebook (yeah yeah, I know you don’t like facebook, but it was so dumb easy that I literally copy-pasta’d the code and it just worked.)

For now, you’ll see sheets that I personally want up there. I’ll take requests if they are simple deviations of existing sheets cause it’s pretty simple to spin up a new one.

That’s all for now. Happy gaming!