Scene Builder

We put together a demo of the beta version of the Scene builder for This is a VTT built specifically for facilitating your fate games.

Check out the video and then go make your own scenes on our beta site.

(Sorry about the giant watermark on the video. I didn’t realize it would be quite so big :/ )

Fate Character Sheet v1.5.2 now supports copying adversaries. You can copy adversaries into your collection by clicking the copy icon located to the right of the adversary name.

In addition, you can mark adversaries as private so they do not show up on the main adversary listing page. Copying an adversary will automatically mark it as private so we don’t have multiple copies of the same adversary floating around out there. If you make a copy that ends up being quite unique when you’re done, please share it with the community!

We also made a few minor adjustments to the routing (i.e. the URL) structure for adversaries to account for the new copy functionality.

Fate Character Sheet Upgrades

We’re trying to advance the tech stack that we’re using for Fate Character Sheet, so you’ve seen several big updates that have come down the line lately. Once again, we’re doing some upgrades to bring our sheets up to date with the Vuejs framework.

This update is targetted at character sheets and characters, and it removes an older technology that we were using to populate the sheets. This allows us to remove the Character Sheet templates from the datatabase all together and create Vue components for each sheet instead. We’ve also moved all third party frameworks so they are loaded from our website instead of calling out to a third-party site. This should improve the sites speed and performance.

You’ll note a few cosmetic changes as well, but, generally speaking, this should be a seemless upgrade. However, if you see issues with your characters, please report them so we can fix you up straight away!

Fate Character Sheet Upgrade

We updgraded back-end resources for Fate Character Sheet. This was a major upgrade, and as such, we know it won’t be perfect. We migrated all of the data into a single table to conform to a better standard for a nosql databse. This will allow us to add future features in a much easier fashion.

Please, if you have issues with your characters, campaigns or adversaries submit an issue and we will fix it. If you notice any bugs, submit an issue. This is a single developer effort here, so I do the best I can, but I’m relying on all ya’ll to help me find issues.

P.S. You will also note that we switched to a new ID schema, this makes the urls a bit shorter, but if you have anything bookmarked/linked, you’ll need to update those resources. We felt this was something worth doing, so sorry for the trouble with the url changes.

Happy gaming!

Fate of Cthulhu

Cthulhu Mythos has always fascinated me. Crazy cultists and great Old Ones vying for power while insignificant humans struggle to prevent the world from devolving into a chaotic, evil mess all while battling their own slowly deteriorating mind.

Yeah, yeah. I’m a little sadistic, sue me!

When I found out that Evil Hat launched a Kickstarter for Fate of Cthulhu, let’s say I was a little intrigued. And then when I discovered that this was more of a Terminator/Cthulhu mashup. I mean, what’s left to say. Take my money!

I was excited enough to create a new character sheet for the game even before it’s officially out. Check out the new Fate of Cthulhu character sheet at Fate Character Sheet.

Fate Character Sheet

I need an online place to fiddle with characters. Particularly, fate characters. Since I derailed the procurator I had been unable to find a satisfactory place to create and manage my characters. So, I made a place:

I can’t help myself. I’m a developer and when I see a need I create something. This is a very specific tool made explicitly for Fate Core/Accelerated and games based on them.

I added a few little odds and ends and tossed in some 3rd party authorization ala facebook (yeah yeah, I know you don’t like facebook, but it was so dumb easy that I literally copy-pasta’d the code and it just worked.)

For now, you’ll see sheets that I personally want up there. I’ll take requests if they are simple deviations of existing sheets cause it’s pretty simple to spin up a new one.

That’s all for now. Happy gaming!