Scene Builder

We put together a demo of the beta version of the Scene builder for This is a VTT built specifically for facilitating your fate games.

Check out the video and then go make your own scenes on our beta site.

(Sorry about the giant watermark on the video. I didn’t realize it would be quite so big :/ )

Fate Character Sheet v1.5.2 now supports copying adversaries. You can copy adversaries into your collection by clicking the copy icon located to the right of the adversary name.

In addition, you can mark adversaries as private so they do not show up on the main adversary listing page. Copying an adversary will automatically mark it as private so we don’t have multiple copies of the same adversary floating around out there. If you make a copy that ends up being quite unique when you’re done, please share it with the community!

We also made a few minor adjustments to the routing (i.e. the URL) structure for adversaries to account for the new copy functionality.

FateCharacterSheet gets Roll20 integration

Ok , so we’ve deployed a new version of FateCharacterSheet that I’m really excited about. Our character sheets and adversaries can be used to roll and send messages right to your Roll20 sessions. I just ran a big playtest last night and it was a ton of fun, and so easy to use the awesomeness of Roll20 alongside our easy-to-use character sheets.

We have some additional changes to the UI as well to improve on our sheets along with some backend changes to help future enhancements. For more information read our release notes at

As always, your bug reports and feedback are essential to us. Thanks, and happy gaming!

Note: We are not affiliated with Roll20 in any manner.